How To Get A Free .com Domain Name and Hosting For Your Website

by admin on December 12, 2011

domain name photoThere are many costs associated with starting your own business.  In an attempt to cut costs, I’m sure you’re looking for any freebies you can find, and finding ways on how to get a free .com domain name for your site and even free hosting I’m sure sounds nice.

Well, to start a website there are usually two fees that come along with it.  The first one is a domain name.  If you’re not familiar with what a domain name is, it’s simply the name of your website.  So, if your company’s name was Bob’s Auto Body, your website name might be  Typically, to reserve such a name, you need to purchase it from a company like Go Daddy for around $15 for the year.  While I do recommend paying for your site (I’ll explain why later), you can get a free domain name, but there are usually strings attached.  I’ll show you how to get a free domain in a minute.

The next cost associated with having a website is what’s called “hosting.”  Hosting is simply the space your website uses.  Just like you can’t build a house without land to put it on, you can’t have a website without space to put it in.  So, hosting is simply the space your website uses.  There are many companies like Bluehost that will provide you with hosting for around $100 per year.  Now, as I mentioned with domain names, while I recommend paying for hosting (I’ll explain why later), you can also get your hosting for free.

Getting free hosting and a free domain name for your site is actually quite easy, but you really need to assess what you are getting in exchange for “free”.  For example, you may get free hosting, but the space you are granted may not be enough for what you need, etc.  What I would recommend is going through Bluehost.  While you pay for the hosting, you get your domain name for free.  There hosting is great, you get unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited emails.  Bluehost also works great with blogging platforms like WordPress.  If you want to keep your domain name and hosting with separate companies, then I would recommend GoDaddy for your domain name.  You can get a domain name for around $1 per month!

Now if you are really, really wanting to get both your hosting and domain name for free then you can check out sites like, but here some things to be aware of with sites like these that offer free .com Domain Name and Hosting for Your Website:

1)      While you may receive the domain name for free, it remains there property, so if you ever want to do anything like sell your site, too bad.  They own the name.

2)      The “free” offer may only be for a limited time, and then you get charged a high rate.  Make sure you read the fine print.

3)      They may require you to post advertising on your site for them.

4)      Are there any other fees like set up fees, admin fees, etc?

Just beware of what you are really getting in exchange for free.  All in all, I would recommend just paying for your own hosting and domain name.  Together, they will only run you about $8-$10 per month.  Now, once you have your hosting and domain name, it’s time to start building your site.

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Topher December 27, 2011 at 9:46 pm

Thanks for sharing. Always good to find a real exerpt.

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